How to make text-to-speech videos for YouTube (Fast & Easy)

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How to make text-to-speech videos for YouTube (Fast & Easy)

subho / December 25, 2022

Natural-sounding voiceovers for YouTube videos. Simple and Fast!

Get studio-quality voiceovers for YouTube Videos without spending a lot of money on fancy equipment. With SpeakTTS, you can control how your voiceover sounds from start to finish. Choose from 850 realistic voices in 135 languages and dialects. 

How To Make Voiceovers For Youtube Videos In 5 Simple Steps

  • You can upload your script all at once or type it in line by line.
  • Choose an AI voice based on its age, gender, race, or country of origin, or use one of the voices we've already chosen based on the use case.
  • Change your voiceover's emphasis, volume, speed, cadence, pitch, etc., to make it sound better.
  • To Enhance the Presentation, You Can Add Music To The Intro And Outro, As Well As Sound Effects As Needed!
  • Create the entire voiceover right in SpeakTTS, or get the audio tracks separately or all at once to use in your audio or video editing software.

Why to Use Voiceovers for YouTube videos:

Did you know that the voiceover in the video makes viewers feel something right away? Studies show that people are likelier to watch a video to the end if it has both good visuals and sounds. So, if you want to improve the videos you put on your YouTube channel, make sure to add voiceover.
When you add a voice to a video, you must make sure it sounds good. Since most people watch with headphones or good speakers, every sound is amplified. Is your dog barking in the background? Yes, it's audible in your video too! And no, you don't have to buy expensive software to edit your voiceover videos.
What if we told you there was a better way to make the voiceover for your video that didn't involve hiring voiceover talent, going to a studio, or buying expensive voiceover software? 
AI voiceovers help with this. The AI voice generator in SpeakTTS can turn your text into audio content in seconds. In addition, it's easy to make and has the most natural-sounding voice.

How to choose the right voice for your YouTube video

Depending on the topic and content of your YouTube video, SpeakTTS has a large number of voices that will work for you. For example, if you're making a video targeted at women, you could use a female YouTube voiceover to help build trust and familiarity. 
Want to add narration to YouTube videos about your products? You can choose a professional-sounding voiceover that sounds calm and reassuring. 
Instead of using different voiceover artists or expensive voiceover software for your YouTube videos, SpeakTTS lets you control the voiceover for your YouTube videos without needing any equipment or knowledge of complex editing software. With SpeakTTS, making voiceovers for YouTube is simple, easy, and quick.

What SpeakTTS for YouTube has to offer

Why should you think about using SpeakTTS for your videos on YouTube? What's different about SpeakTTS from other AI voiceover tools on the market? Here are four of them:

Natural voices

When you add voice over to a YouTube video, you want the voice to be friendly and sound like a real person, not like a robot. Unfortunately, most text-to-speech voices today sound robotic, like they were made by a machine. With SpeakTTS's advanced technology, you can get high-quality voices that sound like real people. This helps you connect with your audience instead of turning them off.

Immense control

With SpeakTTS, you can start with a great voiceover and then use the tools in the studio editor to make it sound exactly how you want. For example, you can choose how certain words are said and which ones are emphasized. You can also change the pitch and tone of the voice and add dramatic pauses to make the experience more enjoyable.

Wide variety

Adding sound to a YouTube video makes it better and more interesting. Now, imagine that you could add more than one voiceover. Use your imagination to write scripts for videos that are fun, interesting, and not the same old thing. You can use different voices in the same video or in different videos. There are many ways to do this. Over 850 voices from different countries, ages, genders, races, and accents are available on SpeakTTS, and more are being added daily.

Complete solution

SpeakTTS does more than just turn text into speech. SpeakTTS gives you everything you need to make a video from scratch to completion in a few easy steps. For example, do you want a unique introduction to each YouTube video? With SpeakTTS, you can add background music over voiceovers to make things more interesting.
Do you want to add music to the beginning of your video before you talk about a new product feature? This is easy to do with SpeakTTS.
Voiceover is the gateway to assertive communication with your audience. You can bring your messages to life with SpeakTTS AI Text-to-Speech software!